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Action Point - 6. It's a remarkable film though. Pedro Almodovar has made a film about the very nature of identity and how it can be shattered into a million pieces by the angriest of men. FUCK,i need to rewatch that episode pronto. As a man and his mother watch TV news, we see the man in surveillance footage as a reporter announces that the man had been recorded while breaking into a jewelry store; the woman looks shamefully at her son and he becomes angered and shouts at his mother.

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The way he sets it up with the audience and then gradually explains the backstory puts the audience through the whole spectrum of sympathy and hatred for each character.

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Nordling Is Truly Disturbed By Pedro Almodovar's THE SKIN I LIVE IN!

A woman shoots a man blood appears on his chest and he clutches his chest and slumps over; the gunshot startles a woman in another room, she goes to investigate, carrying a handgun, she walks into a bedroom and discovers a man draped over the side of a bed with blood pooling on the floor under him. Her new sex transforms her almost into a robot, a new kind of creature that moves between both sexes without properly belonging to any of them. Seems he's got a young woman, Vera Elena Anaya held captive in his house, locked away with no contact with the outside world except for a dumbwaiter that brings her food and her sewing equipment in. Doctor Robert Ledgard Antonio Banderas is an experienced doctor with the flesh. It also helps to suggest that the skin is an organ that works as a suit that wraps our body.

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