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Additional Vocals French Montana. We'll have things fixed soon. Game] Get my people out them chains, nigga I mean handcuffs, time to man up Put my hands up? I'm 'bout to rumble in the jungle in these new Kanye's Ali Bomaye! Rick Ross] I take my case to trial, hire the Dream Team Robbie Kardashian, Johnnie Cochran; I seen things I dream big, I think sharp Inhale smoke, Hawaiian tree bark Humble yourself, you not a G, keep it one with yourself Run to niggas for help, favors I keep one on the shelf I got rifles with lasers, swing it just like the majors Hit you right above navel Now you swimmin' in pavement Gold medals on my neck, I call it Michael Phelps Hoes settlin' for less, I call 'em bottom shelf Niggas tough on them blogs and never did nothin' at all On the road to the riches, bitches not taggin' along [Verse 5:

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We'll have things fixed soon.

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My lawyer threw them gloves on and beat another case [Verse 3: My daughter's stroller got D's on it? I'm 'bout to rumble in the jungle in these new Kanye's Ali Bomaye! Verified Artists All Artists: Thank God that a nigga seen another day Ali Bomaye! We'll have things fixed soon.

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